UCAM Mechatronics, business vertical of UCAM Pvt Ltd was established to bring world-class innovative products to Indian customers. We deal with R+W couplings, HITECO Spindles, Rotoflux Rotary Unions Torque Motors.


VIsion & Mission

VIsion and mission

Quality & Certification

Quality is non-negotiable at UCAM. UCAM is ISO 9001- 2015 certified for quality management system by DNV-GL. UCAM Private Limited, will continuously strive for business excellence to provide best customer experience through Quality and On time delivery, by embracing appropriate technology and involving its employees and business partners. We truly understand our customers' business. “CUSTOMER IS THE KING “ Is the mantra used all over in UCAM. The Products will undergo a various geometry and running tests throughout the assembly process prior to its dispatch. Laser calibration test is done for positional and geometrical accuracy checks like positional errors, repeatability, pitch errors & index variation pitch. Quality and certification
Quality and certification

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